Monica, the Italian movie star courtesan in Milan

Sophisticated VIP escort

Did you watch movies as a child and fantasize about film stars and characters? Do you have an image in your mind of the classic film star? Is there a standard of super sophistication when choosing a VIP escort from this service? Well, Monica could be the one you are looking for. If your travels send you to Milan and you are in need of some elite female company or you need a companion for a diplomatic or business function, you should seriously consider Monica, a classy, elegant and sophisticated Italian escort. She will impress your colleagues and leave you breathless.

Timeless looks with a modern attitude

Monica will bowl you over when you first meet her with looks from Hollywood or Cinecitta Studios. With her Mediterranean coloring and features that are perfectly formed, blemish-free skin and a killer body, there nothing more you could ask for in this astonishing lady. Her hair is shining black and curly, reaching beyond her shoulders; her skin is pale, spotless porcelain; her eyes are dark and mysterious. She is tall and elegant and carries herself with allure and dignity. She is slim and slight and will bring out the protective side of you. You may think she can break, she looks like a porcelain doll, but she is very real and loves the company of men. You and those who meet her will be left speechless and think you have walked into a 1940s romantic movie, but Monica is a top model escort with a very modern mind. She is open and friendly and in touch with all the latest fashions.

Book a superior escort and be one of the jet-set

There is no doubt about it Monica is a superior escort and she stuns onlookers wherever she goes. But underneath the looks is a very genteel and refined lady, who would be quite at home mixing with aristocrats. She is university educated and speaks her native Italian, fluent English, and some French. She can do ballroom dancing in public and can belly dance in private. She is well-read and well-spoken and knows when to speak and when not to. She is at her best in intimate conversations and although you will be proud to parade her in front of associates, you will be impatient to whisk her away so the two of you can be alone. Her company is discreet and compelling and her voice is sexy and soft. Her figure is supple and strong, due to a strict routine of Yoga and Pilates, and some meditation keeps her tranquil and calm. She is the call girl in Milan who has it all.

Tantalizing top escort to show you a good time in Milan

Milan, the fashion capital of Italy, and indeed one of the top spots for serious fashionistas on the circuit, has a commercial and industrial background and has become a vibrant, busy city over the past century. Between the rich cultural heritage and the adoption of the city as home to some of the best designers, it has a myriad of places and activities for you to do and see if that is what you want during your stay. To spend some days and nights with Monica will be a richly rewarding experience and it is up to you how you want to spend them. Stay in The Grand Hotel Et de Milan and bring this fabulous female companion to the opera in La Scala Theatre which is right beside it. Take a trip into the past at the Villa Necchi Campiglio or view some of the most important works of art of the world in the Pinacoteca di Brera. Italian food is simply divine, just like our top escort babe, Monica, so take her to sample the finest cuisine in a gorgeous restaurant, like La cupola or Le Noir, then kick off your shoes in a suite in Principe di Savoia and let Monica show you the other, deeply passionate side to her character.

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