Angel, the golden girl of New York

Lovable Angel of New York

If you have ever been to New York then you know why it is called the city of gold, bustling streets ripe for adventure, grand parties, and beautiful women all over. Who lies at the top of this pyramid of beauty, you may ask? None other than the Angel of New York herself, waiting for a lovable golden man to grab her by the waist and show her the wonders of a city knows no sunset. If you want an illustrious deluxe model escort, then look no further than Angel, an exquisite definition of true feminine beauty.

A Deluxe Escort Body that makes Heads Turn

Put it in simple words, Angel is the kind of girl all women love to hate, but men can not help but drop their jaws and throw her stares of lust and deep desire. She is not only flawless in her bone structure, her skin feels is like refined Egyptian silk over the glass and her smile radiates more beauty than any model you are ever going to meet. She is the kind of girl that you can not look at just once – when she has your gaze locked on her, you are not looking away anytime time soon. Cal it one of her secret inevitable that once you look at her, you can not look away. She will keep you still and hold your beating heart in her hands with one gaze. She is a succubus – beautiful, insatiable and absolutely gorgeous.

A Glamour Girl with a Delight for Finer Things

Angel is a perfect picture of beauty and grace – the kind of courtesan beauty queen you pin up to a wall for the taste of her mouth. On top of that is a world-class selection of designer clothing from all over the globe – Chanel, Gucci, she does them all – and this is just as a taste of the exquisite taste that lies within her. Her taste for enjoyment and fulfillment is esoteric – reserved for the select few. Take her skiing and she will show you moves you never thought could be real. She is the kind of girl you could give your heart and soul for – shower her with gifts and she will give you a night in the city of gold you will never forget. A little taste of this elegant VIP model is more than enough to have you completely engulfed in the wonders of New York. Her strut radiates enough confidence to throw the finest models green with envy and a voluptuous body so shapely she is the first and last thing you will ever think of. She is an adventurer in more ways than can be counted, with an insatiable hunger for inviting escapades.

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