Mia, hot blooded Italian courtesan in Milan

Mia, a true-blooded Italian lady

The pleasures of the senses are done best by the Italians of that there is no doubt. Everything that you look at, taste, feel and smell is of the highest quality. Their food, their landscapes, architecture, and art are feasts for the senses. And their women! Enter Mia, a true-blooded Italian lady with all the Mediterranean fire and passion that you would expect. She is fun, adventurous, flirtatious and dramatic, so always game for role play. You will never be bored with magnificent Mia as your escort companion in Milan. The city of top-class designers with a top escort babe, what more could a man ask for?

Dark, deluxe, daring and sensual

Mia is a genuinely published Playboy model and it is not hard to see why. Her looks ooze glamour and passion. She has lustrous, long, dark hair and hazel eyes that either burn with desire or soften your heart, depending on what she is doing at the time. Her hour-glass figure is the dream of any model and her curves and sexy voice will drive you wild. Like any good Italian woman, Mia has a taste for the arts, and music in particular, and when you see her move to her favorite tunes or play her flute, which is highly recommended, you will see that she is a gifted dancer and musician and she will share that intense love of good music with you if you want. She will also share you with another beautiful woman if that is what you fancy just ask her and you will be pleasantly surprised and excited by her sense of adventure. This high-class escort agency believes that different tastes and experiences should be catered for and if that is you, maybe Mia is the deluxe courtesan you are looking for.

Bright and beautiful, a call-girl in Milan with taste and style

If you are looking to impress colleagues or associates, or wish to spend time with an educated and cultured model courtesan, Mia is the right choice. Her taste in literature and theatre is eclectic and high-brow and she will be equally comfortable discussing Ibsen plays or Tarantino movies. With such an active mind, Mia has developed a love of acting and has acted professionally on stage and screen. With so much talent in music, dance, and theatre, it is just a matter of time before she is a famous and illustrious celebrity, so grab the opportunity of being with her while you can! An escort companion in Milan of this caliber is a rarity, particularly if you are looking for something with extra excitement and new experiences. Mia believes in extreme pleasure and will show you how to find it.

Go high class in Milan with this deluxe escort

You may want to see Da Vinci Last Supper or gaze in awe at the Duomo roof; a trip to Pinacoteca di Brera to see some of the most famous art of Italy, or a night of opera in Teatro Alla Scala could be what you are expecting. Alternatively, the allure of fashion and the best shopping in the world may be what you are expecting and Mia would be happy to be your loyal companion and do any of that with you, she loves culture and shopping equally! Take a trip into the past by visiting Villa Necci Campiglio with its ancient elegance and a chance to sip an Italian coffee in the quaint garden cafe. Bring this gorgeous glamour model for her favorite sushi in Clandestino Milano Restaurant or some more traditional Italian gastronomy in Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadie. Remember, this is Italy, where everywhere is a taste sensation. When you are full of great food and buckets of culture, some rest and relaxation in one of 5 Star hotels of Milan like the Magna Pars Suites Hotel or The Gray will provide you with the luxury you desire and Mia will provide the excitement and pleasure.

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