Elizabeth in Oslo

Perfect beauty that takes your breath away

When you think of Norway, more than likely the image of snow-capped mountains and icy fiords will come to mind. It is a kind of clean and perfect beauty that takes the breath away. Fortunately for you, some of that beauty is passed on to its women and Elizabeth, our exclusive model escort in Oslo is the embodiment of that natural perfection. And that is just the surface. Come to the surprisingly captivating city of Oslo and discover the wonders of Scandinavia in the arms of one of its most incredibly attractive ladies. Whether you have to come on business or have been clever enough to have included this gem of the north on your must-see list, a great time in Oslo can become the time of your life if you spice it up with the courtesan who makes your pleasure her ambition.

Breathtaking, blond babe

This young woman really has the wow factor and will leave you a little shaky on the first meeting, she is so naturally stunning and sexy. Her innate attributes are enough to put her top of the list in the looks category, but a regular regime of yoga has given her an inner calm that emanates from her and makes others in her presence feel calmer and more serene. And all this yoga has done wonders for her body, too. She is tall, sleek and slender and flexible, of course. Yoga trains the body to relax and stretch and allows the yogi to bend and move in ways that most other people can not and this delicious call-girl is no exception. Come and see for yourself! Feast your eyes on this stunning Scandinavian babe. She has pure blond, silken hair, very long and wavy; searching, big blue-grey eyes; full, luscious lips; porcelain skin and bone structure that is fine and noble. Her long legs and model figure are jaw-dropping and the overall effect is pure beauty. She carries herself with elegance and nobility and has one quality which is really the foundation of all facets of attraction, and that is confidence. Elizabeth has such a string of accomplishments to her name, knows her own beauty and strength so well and so, therefore, she possesses a calm and self-assured presence that is essential to true elegance. Any man who has this very refined and elegant female companion with him will be the envy of other men and some of her amazing calmness and confidence will naturally become his too.

Be a VIP in Oslo

The city of Oslo always surprises the first time visitor as it seems to go under the radar when travel destinations are considered. However, this is a city of extreme pursuits and a fascinating history. Let local Elizabeth show you the best of Oslo. You can go skiing at the right time of year, take day or night time cruises to marvel at the splendor of the fjords, harness a bit of culture in the Kon-Tiki museum or learn about the roller-coaster history of the world-famous conquerors in the Viking Ship Museum. This fascinating VIP escort will bring you to drink coffee where Ibsen did, or to see the infamous The Scream by Edvard Munch in all its dark glory. Oslo is not a cheap city, but the upshot f that is you are always mixing in a company that is comfortable with the best in life and the restaurants and hotels live up to the highest expectations. Bring high-class Elizabeth for an expensive evening meal to the sumptuous and world-famous, Theatercafe whose pastries are revered by royalty. There is a plethora of great eateries for you to choose from before you both leave the activities of the day to sink in while you sink into the luxury and warmth of some fantastic hotel like The Thief or The Thon Hotel Opera. A fascinating day can evolve into a night of passion and excitement in the hands of Elizabeth, the elegant escort extraordinaire.

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