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Classy, dark-skinned, beautiful women are Vienna number one export. Vienna has always been known for the aura of romance, leisure, and pleasure that the city exudes. Of all the elegant, naturally erotic women courtesan models that Vienna has to offer, Annabelle, the dark, sexy, brunette is by far the finest and most wanted of them all. This twenty-seven-year-old exclusive model escort has all the beauty, brains, and skill to make your wildest dreams into your most fantastic nights in Vienna.

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With her long black hair, suntanned skin, and sashaying hips, Annabelle will have you captivated from the first moment you meet this incredibly seductive VIP escort. At 180 cm and 57 kg, the Annabelle curvy B cup fills out her less is more dresses from favorite designers like Herve Leger or Valentino, as her soothing and smoky hazel eyes become your luring beacon in the Vienna night. Full of life, Annabelle is a sweet and giving soul, always up for a jet-set adventure or local jaunt. Bi-sexual by orientation, she secretly delights in meeting couples.

A Sweet, Beautiful, Intelligent, Elite Escort

A believer in constantly improving herself, Annabelle enjoys finding new hobbies, playing sports, and staying in shape. Always reliable and searching for new creative energies within herself, Annabelle is a constant seeker of self-improvement. Her sharp mind, witty personality and sense of humor are almost as alluring as her sultry body. This glamor girl escort may possess an enrapturing beauty but Annabelle is an avid reader of psychology and self-development books and speaks three languages fluently including English, German, and French.

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Not needed to watch another romantic Vienna sunset alone. Experience every ounce of passion and pleasure that this city has to offer with the delectable top escort babe, Annabelle. Stay in the city for an evening of fine Italian or Argentinean food or fly her to Japan for her favorite Japanese, this fun-loving beauty is down for anything. Whether you crave her tempting body or her incredible intellect, this sweet, funny, and adventurous deluxe escort can give you an unforgettable evening in the heart of Vienna.

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