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Not many cities have the history that Rome portrays and you won’t often find many more ideal locations when it comes to spending time with companions like our elite Rome escorts that offer exclusive and sophisticated dinner dates or private liaisons at your home or hotel that live long in your memory. Here at She-International, we can happily help to arrange the date for you and also provide as much information as possible to add that touch of specialness to your time together.

It is hard to think of Rome without the mention of the Vatican. This small independent state is visited by millions due to its history and still known worldwide for the home of the Pope. Although not a place where you have a lot to do it is a must-see and with one of our Rome escorts on your arm it is bound to be special as you can imagine. Other sites would have to be the Colosseum, this can be experienced with tours and also you and your dream courtesan model from us here at She International can spend the time to wander around romantically together.

Shopping is paramount in the city! Big-name designers don’t just sell their clothes here but many were founded here. A fashion capital to say the least means you and your choice of our many Rome escorts can enjoy a day of fine shopping hand in hand before heading out to dinner later. The local cuisine has progressed over the years but traditional dishes are still found. Italian food is enjoyed all over the world but it is at its best here. Finding the perfect restaurant isn’t too difficult and we can always help. The company of our high class and elite Rome escorts is bound to elevate the level of pleasure and romance to levels you didn’t even know existed.

Very similar to the likes of Paris, Rome is widely known for its history in the art industry, whether it be performing arts or painting to name a couple.

As a visitor to the legendary city, it is essential that you have somebody with you when you visit the many historic sites. One of our escorts in Rome can not only be your perfect companion but also your guide around the many places there is to see. With so many sites and potentially so little time you need all the help you can get. Don’t expect your companion to be your dream tour guide but also the most memorable date of your lifetime. She-International love to provide this for you and one call to us can make this come true.