Located in Majorca is the stunning major city of Palma that becomes the perfect combination for anybody that is looking to enjoy the ideal date which can easily be arranged with us here at She International and our gorgeous Palma model who are always on hand for you to spend time with whether you are visiting the beautiful part of Majorca on holiday, for business or simply live in the area. As there are many places to visit and things to do it won’t take you long to soon realize that this could be the perfect place for you to enjoy yourself and have the date of your life.

As Majorca is an island you can expect to come across some amazing beaches and you can fully enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. With this comes some incredible places to take a walk in the sun with any of our Palma models, none better than visiting the harbours that there are in the city, most notably the Harbour of Palma that has got some outstanding yachts to see and there are also views over the Castle of Bellver which is an incredible sight to see. All of our courtesan and deluxe models in Palma are more than happy to accompany you on a romantic day by the sea and overlooking some of the finest views the city has to offer.

As with a lot of cities in and around Spain, there are many historic and wonderful sights to see that we understand many people are interested in visiting whether it be for personal interest or just simply something to do. What you can never do without when you visit the likes of La Seu which is over 400 years old and also The Old City is the company of a fine female model just like the vast amount of Palma models we have here at She International that is always growing and is always special especially if you were to spend time with one of them.

It is extremely apparent that Palma has many things on offer for anybody that visits and we guarantee that with the company of one of Palma models for a luxury day by the beach or a romantic meal at any of the stunning restaurants the city has to offer will be the perfect and complete way to enjoy your time in the city. She-International is always on hand to help you with your booking so don’t hesitate to get in contact to arrange your date.

If you have some time to spend outside in Palma, your She-International model will propose to take you on a tour that begins with the harbor that forms the southern boundary of the city. It is a bustling place, full of cruise ships, sailboats and powerboats, and it also serves as the major port. There is a lovely corniche along its entirety, ideal for romantic walks.

On the horizon, you can see the spires of the Le Seo gothic cathedral and the Bellver Castle that stands watch over the harbor. In its heyday, this prominently positioned fortress warned off pirates. Today it gently witnesses an endless number of cruise ships filling the west end of the port.

No visit to Palma de Mallorca is complete without a visit to the corrida. If you don’t particularly fancy the fight itself, or prefer to read up on Ernest Hemmingway who captured the spirit of the corrida so well in his novel Death in the Afternoon, at least visit the Plaza de Toros and the ring itself. Your She-International model will find an appropriate answer to whatever hot-blooded response the place awakens in you…