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As with many tourist cities, Frankfurt has got some incredible history scattered all around, not to mention the fantastic museums like the Stadel Museum which to the majority is considered the most amazing art museum in the city. Although art may not be a high interest of yours this can certainly change that as you and your lady from our high-class escort agency wander around looking at 16th-century pieces that really express incredibly artistry. With over 2000 pieces in this one museum, you could really enjoy your time here.

The view over Frankfurt is as picturesque as most, although not your typical view over the sea the view you can see from the Main Tower is nothing short of special. With a full 360 degrees view of the whole city, this makes the romance of your date go through the roof. You and any of our Frankfurt escorts could head up to the top of this and take it all in whilst engaging in sophisticated conversation that all our companions are able to provide. Another great thing about the Main Tower is the bar and restaurant that is has where you can enjoy a fine meal and classy drinks during your time with our Frankfurt escorts who fit in perfectly.

Of course, eating when in a big city is something that will never be too difficult to do but while you are there why separate yourself from the best. You and your choice from our high-class escort agency in Frankfurt should always visit the best when you are looking to enjoy your date which is why you have to consider the fine restaurant that is Lohninger. This is deemed by many to be the number one restaurant in Frankfurt and it deserves a special mention for how good it really is. There are of course numerous others to consider as well which She International can always recommend for you.

Frankfurt has got a lot more to offer than we can explain and we know that our Frankfurt escorts can make your stay in the city become more than the description above. Relax and unwind with one of our ladies or get out and see some of the many hotspots that have got so much to offer.

Frankfurt is Germany’s fifth-largest city, offering a harmonious contrast of tradition and modernity: it mixes its restored historical center dedicated to Goethe, with more skyscrapers than any other German city. Frankfurt has been a major banking city ever since the Rothschilds opened its first bank here in 1798, and it has one of Europe’s leading stock exchanges. Since the Second World War, is also the seat of Germany’s central bank, the Bundesbank, and when the Euro was introduced, it also became the location of the European Central Bank. But whatever their professional occupation, Frankfurt’s people are not austere, they do let their hair down quite a lot, as your vibrant She-International escort will attest. Starting our visit from the Baustrasse…

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the 18th-century poet, playwright, and scholar, was born in Frankfurt in 1749. As a young man, he was moved deeply by the court trial of the infant murderer Susanna Brandt, and years later he paid tribute to her with the figure of Gretchen in his play Faust (Marguerite in the opera by Gounod). In Faust, a disillusioned academic sells his soul to the devil in return for love. In Goethe’s birthplace, The Goethe House, you can see how his rich family lived, and you can visit his study on the third floor, where he wrote the works that were his first claims to fame: Goetz and The Sorrows of Young Werther. Right next door is the Goethe Museum, which has a fascinating collection of books, art, and artifacts connected to Goethe.

The city of Frankfurt is full of other connections with the author. Goethestrasse is the city’s most exclusive shopping street, and if you want to have a bite, there’s nowhere finer than the terrace of the Alte Oper, which comes complete with a statue of the great man, where you can have a delicious meal and a refreshing glass of apple wine. Goethe left it quite late in life to begin full relationships, and his early love poems can be seen as a manifestation of his unconsummated desires. Your enticing She-International escort in Frankfurt will make sure that none of your feelings need to be funneled into hyperbolic poetry…