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Sexy Ava, a French luxury companion in Geneva

Incredibly sexy and supersensual Ava

This lady does not split hairs. That is to say, what you see is what you get and what you see is an incredibly sexy, super sensual siren who was made to please. If you need or want to travel to and feel like the company of someone who will make your heart race and your blood heat up, contact this escort service in Geneva and let us introduce you to Lana, a woman with the looks and sophistication of a movie star and the body of your greatest fantasy. Experience for yourself her need to see you flooded with pleasure and risk getting a taste for something that you will want more and more of. Geneva is a city filled with pleasure, and this high-class call girl knows just how to give it to you on a very personal level.

Top courtesan model waiting for you

Lana will melt your heart when you first meet her. Her long, shiny dark hair falls luxuriously over her slim shoulders and flows with the most incredible gloss and texture. It frames a face that could be iconic-large dark eyes that will love to gaze upwards at you while she gives the non-stop pleasure that she is so treasured for. Her dark eyes and dark hair offset plump, ruby lips and flawless skin. And that is just her face. She has a long slim body that will help you understand why she has been sought out by photographers and designers to model their clothes. A toned body, slim frame, long legs, and healthy, deep tanned skin have allowed this gorgeous expensive escort to dress in the style that makes the most of her natural good looks. With typical French flair, she will wear only the best and the most complimentary styles and her favorites are labels like Donna Karan and Gianmarco Lorenzi or the elegance of an evening dress by Valentino. But what she wears is the beginning to the temptation you will feel to find out what is underneath!

A VIP lady with a love for life

All people have their own perspective in life and it can shape the quality of your time on the planet, but also the quality of those that you mix with. This excellent escort companion had some good advice when she was young and she has chosen to embrace life and the gifts that she was given and make the most of them but also making sure that the people around her are having a good time too. She loves to improve her mind with visits to cultural centers and thought to provoke films, such as the fascinating Butterfly Effect. She loves people and socializing and spending time with interesting men and women that will show her something new and introduce her to anything that will increase the joie-de-vivre that she already has and wants more of. She has a curious nature and is free and open-minded but what this glamour girl loves the most is seeing and hearing the pleasure she gives and knowing that she has made things good for someone else. French is her native tongue, which is probably the sexiest language there is, but she can also speak English and the language of love, of course. Her keen interest in sports, both watching and playing make her the ideal companion for men and have given her the toned, perfectly formed body that will stay in your mind for a long time.

Pleasure in Geneva with a top model

It is the city of light and romance; it is one of the most visited cities in the world. And what could possibly make it better? Even if you are only staying the night or need someone to keep you company for a weekend, a pleasure shared is automatically enhanced and pleasure shared with a top model babe in the fashion center of Europe is a perfect pleasure. Take her to some museums and galleries, Rath Museum or also called The Temple of the Muses or Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, being just two examples and then let this stunning lady in her super-sexy style accompany you for dinner, somewhere chic like Le Jardin & Le Bar, and make the most of that night and this model babe in the luxury of a five-star hotel like Mandarin Oriental, Geneva. After that, all you have to do is lie back and enjoy it.

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