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Australia’s most recognizable man-made icon is definitely the Sydney Opera House, with its unique sail- or shell-like roofs. The architect got his inspiration from palm fronds, although some people report being more reminded of mating turtles… As well as the seasonal opera performances, the SOH also hosts theatre, classical music, ballet, and film. It is surrounded by many outdoor café’s where you can sit with a glass of excellent Australian wine and watch harbor and city life go by. One of the world’s greatest locations, and one that your elegant She-International escort will surely want to show you.

There is little place for refined elegance at some of Australia’s other main attractions. You’ll see caravans of camels or mud-caked camper vans when you go exploring for the Devil’s Marbles, Ayers Rock / Uluru, kangaroos, koalas, Tasmania, the “Outback”. Don’t forget the Queensland rain forest, white-water rafting, diving, the Great Barrier Reef, and numerous other possibilities offered by Australia, such as Aboriginal culture and art.

After all that exploring, you probably will want to top it up with a relaxing stay on or near one of Australia’s great beaches. They host fantastic parties all year round but be warned that on Christmas Day, and again on New Year’s Eve, just about everybody in Sydney gathers on Bondi Beach. You could also go to Tamarama (also known as “Glamarama”): it’s very popular with gorgeous models and almost second home to some of our stunningly beautiful She-International models.